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EUA, 1999 / Betacam SP, Color / Ficción, 24:00 min.

Dirección / Director: René Peñaloza-Galván
Productor / Producer: Bani Khoshnoudi
Gerente de Producción / Production manager: Julie Dervin
Fotografía / Cinematography:       Isaac Mathes
Guión / Screenplay: René Peñaloza-Galván
Edición / Editing: René Peñaloza-Galván
Compañía Productora/ Production Company: Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica
Reparto / Cast:Ángeles Romero (Sara), Susan MacAttee (Amanda),Brad Koester (James),Larry Guillot (George), Isaac Mathes (Arthur), Julie Hollenstead (Barbara), Mark Jones (Clerk), Amber Isaacs (Cynthia)

Sinopsis / Synopsis

One woman gives an interview which centers on the diary she´s been keeping for 47 years. Another is seemingly shoping for a house, though she engages in an odd ritual that involves copious notes, instant photographs and marking on a map. These are the parallel stories of two people who cope with equally constraining realities by recording their lives in order to  transform them through the free exercise of memory.


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